Children's Mission Expedition (CME)

The CME meets on Wednesdays at the church from 7:00-8:00pm.  

Grades 1-6 set out on a expedition where children will gain confidence in their knowledge of the Bible and be encouraged to tell others what they know. These experiences are meant to broaden their missions involvement, personalize missions concepts and strengthen their faith.
There are seven different expeditions that CME teaches our young youth.  

Growing: Spiritually.
Prayer:  How important it is and at all times.
Giving:  Is better to give than receive.
Caring: God cares for us and wants us to care for others. 
Doing: With our hands and our hearts.
Learning: What is missions and how can I do missions?
Keeping: Hiding God's word in their hearts and it will not return void.


Word of Life Church 7144 N. Russell Drive, Bicknell, IN 47512